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The mailing list for our gaming group lives at

Contents (view all pages) Edit

  • Games
Pat's Online Game
Pat's Epic Game
Pat's Ravenloft Game
Matt's Star Wars Game
Joshua's Epic Game
Eric's Game
Decepticons & Dragons
  • GMs
Pat Knott
Matt Christopher
Joshua Markley
Eric Jarman
  • Campaign Settings
Pat's World
Perigrin's World
Eric's World
  • Players
Eric Jarman
Ian Markley
Joshua Markley
Matt Christopher
Nick Galeazzi
Pat Knott
Zeb Morlok
David Nebuloni
Justin Roling
  • Game Systems and Rulebooks
AD&D (2nd edition)
D&D 3rd and 3.5
D&D 4th edition
Pathfinder RPG (a.k.a. D&D 3.75)
Star Wars Saga Edition
d20 Anime
d20 Mecha
  • Characters
Pat's Online Game
Pat's Epic Game
Pat's Ravenloft Game
Matt's Starwars Game
Joshua's Epic Game
  • House Rules
Pat's House Rules
Pat's World - Guns
Pat's World - Mecha
Eric's House Rules
Perigrin's World House Rules
  • Vacations
Ski Trip
Float Trip

What's new Edit

  • 2009-07-21 - Discussion page updated with some thoughts on what I was thinking on putting in each section.

Oracleofbargth 19:35, 21 July 2009 (UTC)

  • 2009-06-22 - This wiki is created!

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